Vitamix Blenders by Series

S-Series: Personal Series

Vitamix S-Series Review

Personal series blenders, made with on-the-go needs in mind.

C-Series: Classic Series

Vitamix C-Series Review

Classic series blenders are reliable and rugged, for straight-forward usage.

G-Series: Next-Generation Series

Vitamix G-Series Review

The Next-Gen Vitamix Blenders are the most powerful and quiesest machines Vitamix offers.

Best Blend-For-Your-Buck Machine

Vitamix 5200  Review

C-Series Vitamix 5200 Review

The Vitamix 5200 is one of the most popular high powered blenders thanks to it's power, price point and reliability. The 5200 is a C-Series blender that comes with a 7-year warranty and packs a serious punch with the included 64-ounce Classic (tall) container. If someone is looking for their first high powered blender and on a budget, this is the blender I'd recommend for them.

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