Vitamix 6300
Vitamix 6300  Cream
Vitamix 6300  Platinum
Vitamix 6300  Red
Vitamix 6300  White
Vitamix Classic 64-Ounce Container
Vitamix 6300 Controls Interface
Vitamix Classic Container Blades
Vitamix 6300
Vitamix 6300  Cream
Vitamix 6300  Platinum
Vitamix 6300  Red
Vitamix 6300  White
Vitamix Classic 64-Ounce Container
Vitamix 6300 Controls Interface
Vitamix Classic Container Blades

Vitamix 6300 Review

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Blend Guide Quick Review

The Vitamix 6300 is a step up from the 5200, featuring 3 presets and an on/off master power switch on the front of the machine for added safety. The 6300 is a C-Series blender that comes with a 7-year warranty and a tall 64-ounce (tall) container. This blender is great for the user who is on a budget, but still wants a few added extras.

Examples of what this Vitamix can make:










guacamole 1



Almond Milk


Pizza Dough





A brief introduction and whats included in the box.

When opening up the Vitamix 6300 box, you’ll find the 6300 Motor Base, 64oz classic container, tamper, DVD, getting started guide, and a cookbook that actually has a lot of great recipes. With the container attached, the unit is 20.5 inches tall by 7.3 inches wide and 8.75 inches from front to back. The 6300 motor base is available in Black, Cream, Platinum, Red and White. The Vitamix 6300 is covered by a 7 year warranty, including free shipping both ways if you need to use your warranty. All the components for all Vitamix blenders are made and assembled in the USA.


Vitamix Low-Profile Lid


Quick and easy sealing that also lets you add ingredients or use a tamper while you blend.

The lid on the 64oz container features rubber seals that grip the top sides of the jar to ensure proper sealing. In the center there is a removable piece of clear plastic that lets you add ingredients while the machine is running and allows you to vent steam created when making hot recipes. This is also where the tamper is inserted to free thick/frozen ingredients without needing to to stop the blender, remove the container from the base and push them around with a spatula.

Vitamix Classic 64-Ounce Container


The 64-ounce classic container is engineered to create a vortex with your ingredients giving a consistent blend for years.

The 64-ounce BPA-free classic container was designed for the C-Series blenders. The walls of the classic container is engineered to strategically move the ingredients around the jar in a vortex to ensure a powerful and consistent blend. The jar is a little over 3 inches taller than the G-Series 64-ounce container, so it may be more difficult to store on a countertop under cabinets.

Vitamix Classic Container Blades


The blades are engineered to provide the most consistent blend possible. They never wear down and offer consistentcy for years.

Thanks to the 64-ounce classic containers design, the ingredients are thrown against the blades at the bottom of the jar in a cyclone pattern. The stainless steel blades are engineered to provide the perfect blend and compliment the containers design to keep your ingredients moving around properly within the container. Since the blades don’t revolve around sharpness, they’re not only simple to clean, but provide consistent blends for years.

Motor Base

Vitamix 6300 Power


A 2 horsepower motor has plenty of power for ice, smoothies and thicker recipes like hummus.

The C-Series 6300 is the "standard" for high-performance blenders. This machine has the ability to blend pretty much anything you put in it- featuring a 2 horsepower motor driving the stainless steel blades. The assembly attaching the blades to the motor base is a metal-to-metal connection which functions better than other plastic connections found in similar to lower end blenders.

Vitamix 6300 Controls Interface


The 3 available presets are a great feature on the 6300. A variable speed dial is a great addition for any stubborn ingredients.

The interface on this machine is simple and effective. From left to right, the pulse toggle gives an extra boost if needbe, the rubber speed dial can also be used to engage the presets for easier blending. The start/stop toggle activates the current mode on the speed dial and finally there is a power toggle button under the Vitamix logo on the front of the machine. This turns all the power on or off to the whole machine so you don't accidentally power on the machine.

Additional Notes

Clean Up

Cleaning your Vitamix gently with a sponge will keep it looking great for years.

While Vitamix and some demonstrators say you can clean your Vitamix using the "water and small amount of soap" mixture- I don't advise using this method. I recommend investing in a dish sponge and use the dish soap to scrub out all of the contents of the container on your own. These blenders are very powerful and not cleansing your container free of all the minerals that attach themselves to the walls of the container could increase your chances of ou container becoming cloudy or discolored. Cleaning thoroughly after each use is the best practice get the most out of your container.


If your cabinets are higher than 22 inches, a Vitamix 5200 can fit underneath with ease. Otherwise, check out the Vitamix 7500.

Since they see so much use, high performance blenders tend to live on their owners' countertops for most of their lives. The major drawback of the classic series is their container height. It's not the most friendly to average and below hanging cabinets in the kitchen. Storing an appliance you use multiple times a week can be a pain, so I urge potential owners to measure their cabinets (seriously)- if you're thinking of purchasing a C-Series make sure your cabinets can fit a 22 inch blender. If they can't, consider looking at the G-Series of blenders. Blend Guides recommendation: the Vitamix 7500.


New MSRP Price


Blender Series



7 Years


2 Horsepower


Smoothie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert


Preprogrammed settings, plus variable speed and pulse


The 6300 is a solid entry level blender that features a great set of features.

The Vitamix 6300 is a great C-Series blender that features a few more features over the 5200 base model. It features a reliable 2 horsepower motor capable of blending/preparing a wide range of foods. The Smoothie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert presets help the user by automatically running a range of variable speeds to get a great blend. If there is a stubborn ingredient, you can use the pulse button or manually run a 1-10 variable speed to take care of it. 

This is a great blender for users that would like a solid set of features without breaking the bank on more expensive models!

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