Vitamix one product shot
Vitamix one product shot

Vitamix ONE

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Blend Guide Quick Review

The Vitamix ONE Is Vitamix's newest compact, entry-level blender. It's great for small blends at an attractive price.

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The Vitamix ONE is a simplified version of their larger Vitamix machines that will make smoothies, sauces, dressings, and frozen desserts. And margaritas. This is a great machine if you don't need to make large batches of recipes or hot soups or thick recipes like hummus.

This machine isn't intended to be used for those recipes and if you're looking for one that can, you'll want to check out a full-size blender.

Vitamix 32oz vs 64oz container

Vitamix ONE Price

Onto the price of the Vitamix One, it retails for $250 USD. For comparison, if you're looking to make larger batches or thicker items, the least expensive brand new full-size machine that will do that is the E310, for $350 USD. You can get a certified reconditioned full-size model between $280 and $330, so if you're looking for a deal, I'd check those out. These are all the base model Vitamixes so you're not going to get too many features on these machines though. These are the most basic you can get and they only get more features and quieter, more powerful motors as the price increases. I'll leave a link to all of these in the description.

Speaking of links in the description, to be transparent, Vitamix did send me this machine and any links on this page or in my YouTube descriptions may be affiliate links. To view me method and ethics of reviewing products, click here to learn more.

Vitamix one container


Moving on to the container, the Vitamix ONE has a 32-ounce container that folds the ingredients around the sides of the container to ensure a consistent texture. The lid has a spot for the tamper you can use to free any stuck around the edges of the container, without needing to turn the blender off to do so. This is more common to run into while making smaller batches on larger containers, like their 64-ounce containers, but you still may have to use the tamper from time to time. The sharp stainless steel blades are 1/2 of the secret sauce as to why the Vitamix can blend through such tough ingredients.

Vitamix one motor and performance


The other half is the motor. The controls on the motor base on the ONE is pretty simple, with only one knob. This will turn the Vitamix off or on to the low setting while ramping up the motor the more you turn the dial. Like I mentioned earlier, this motor isn't intended to blend soups or thick recipes and the motor also isn't intended to run for more than 3 minutes at a time. For the smoothies, dips, and frozen drinks it's intended to make, this is no problem. But this is something to keep in mind.

If you've never used a Vitamix before, they can be pretty loud the first time you turn one onto high. This machine is no different, it will get really loud, and I measured that this will range from XdB on low to Xdb on high. Definitely not an early morning post-workout shake while the family is sleeping kind of machine, but it's powerful enough to break up frozen ingredients for smoothies pretty well.

One thing I was curious about, if you for some reason unplug the Vitamix mid-blend and then plug it back in while the speed dial is still on, will it stop and resume after you move the dial? Or will it just start up immediately? It turns out that the blades will start up immediately when you plug the machine back in while the machine is turned on. I'm sure this isn't recommended by any means, but it's something I was curious about since most people leave their Vitamixes out on their countertops and it's possible to unknowingly bump the dial while the machine is off. It would be difficult to unknowingly adjust this knob from the off position, but not impossible. Just something to keep in mind and to always make sure the machine is off before plugging this in.

Another thing that's nice about this is the height of the container while on the motor. The ONE has a pretty small footprint so it can fit under cabinets that are under 16 inches. I only say this because my A2500 is 17 inches high, and I learned the hard way that the countertop clearance at my old house was 16 inches, so I couldn't leave the container on the base under my cabinets. I had to leave the container next to the base which took up more space on my counter. A very specific problem, but something to note.

Vitamix self cleaning

Self Cleaning

One of my favorite parts of all of the Vitamix blenders is that they're so powerful they can clean themselves after your done making a smoothie or other light blends. Whenever I make a smoothie, I pour the contents into a cup, then rinse out the Vitamix container. Add some water, a dot of dish soap, then put it back on the base on high for about a minute. While I'm drinking my smoothie the container is cleaning itself, I like this because it's just one less thing I have to do.


When it comes to warranties, the Vitamix warranty is one of the best. They cover all parts, labor, and shipping both ways. The Vitamix ONE comes with a two-year warranty. To compare this to their mid-tier models, which have 5 to 7-year warranties, or their top-tier models which have 10-year warranties it might not seem like that long of a time though. Again, this is a base model Vitamix, and the warranty duration reflects that. If you're looking for a longer warranty, you'll have to bump up to a full-size machine.

Vitamix one vs vitamix a2500

Vitamix ONE VS Full-Size Machines

Speaking of the full-size Vitamixes, why would someone purchase this machine instead of a full-size one? The first reason being the price. This comes in at least $100 cheaper, and if you only plan on making small batches of smoothies or have a small space, this is perfect for you. The full-size machines take up more counter space than this compact one and if cabinet height is an issue, this might be a great way to have a low-profile machine that you can keep on your countertop.

What do you think of the Vitamix ONE? Do you think this is the right size and price for you? Or do you think you'll need a full-size machine?

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