Vitamix 7500 Black
Vitamix 7500 Red
Vitamix 7500 White
Vitamix 7500 Controls Interface
Vitamix Low Profile Blades
Vitamix Low Profile Container
Vitamix 7500 Black
Vitamix 7500 Red
Vitamix 7500 White
Vitamix 7500 Controls Interface
Vitamix Low Profile Blades
Vitamix Low Profile Container

Vitamix 7500 Review

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Blend Guide Quick Review

The Vitamix 7500 is on the front lines of the new G-Series blenders. This machine has a simple to use interface that delivers powerful results. It features a new sleek design that can fit under most kitchen cabinets on your counter, blend almost any food you put inside of it and has plenty of features for average to intermediate users. Use this machine with confidence knowing that Vitamix stands behind it with a 7 year warranty. This model is the best bang for your buck when it comes to the Next-Gen G-Series line of blenders!

Examples of what this Vitamix can make:




guacamole 1











Almond Milk


Pizza Dough



Everything you need to get started blending right out of the box, manufactured in the USA.

When opening up the Vitamix 7500 box, you’ll find the Motor Base, 64oz low-profile container and tamper, DVD, getting started guide, and a cookbook that actually has a lot of great recipes. With the container attached, the unit is 17.5 in tall by 7.7 inches wide and 9.4 inches from front to back. All parts (including the container) and labor are covered for 7 years, including shipping both ways. All the components for all Vitamix blenders are made and assembled in the USA.


Vitamix Low-Profile Lid


Quick and easy sealing that also lets you add ingredients or use a tamper while you blend.

The lid on the 64oz container features rubber seals that grip to the jar. In the center there is a molded piece of clear plastic that lets you add ingredients while the machine is running. This is also where the tamper is inserted to free thick/frozen ingredients without needing to to stop the blender, remove the container from the base and push them around with a spatula.

Vitamix Low Profile Container


Low-Profile jar can handle large quantities of ingredients and moves the mixture consistently to provide an even blend that fits under most cabinets.

This low-profile 64oz jar is designed to breakdown large ingredients quickly while having the versatility to also push the contents back towards the blades in 4 different areas for a consistent blend. Pushing the contents towards the blades ensures that there will be no chunks of food stuck to the sides of the container. The jar is BPA-free copolyester that can fit on any G-Series machine, as well as the Vitamix 5300.

Vitamix Low Profile Blades


The Blades are soft to the touch. They never wearing down and offer consistent blends for years.

The hardened stainless steel blades aren’t razor-sharp to the touch- but they’re designed to squeeze maximum efficiency out of every turn. Each of the four blades are engineered to provide the perfect blend and compliment the containers design to keep your ingredients moving around properly within the container. Since the blades don’t revolve around sharpness, they’re not only simple to clean, but provide consistent blends for years.

Motor Base

Vitamix 7500 Controls Interface


Featuring a 2.2 Horespower motor, this blender has plenty of power.

The Vitamix 7500 features a 2.2 horsepower motor, spinning at over 20,000 rpms which translates over 250 miles per hour. Blend the ingredients to your favorite soup recipe for 5 minutes and the Vitamix will actually make you a hot soup ready to eat out of the container.

Vitamix 7500 Controls Interface


A simple and easy-to-use interface for everyone.

The interface of this machine are as straight-forward as it gets. There is a rubber variable speed control lets you raise or lower the speed and if your ingredients are really stubborn there is a pule toggle that gives the machine a jolt of extra power. The rubber power toggle is dead simple as well, being a giant switch that gives a tactile response as you toggle it on or of.

Additional Notes

Noise Level

40% quieter than C-Series, but still loud overall.

The noise level of the G-Series blenders has gone down from the C-Series quite a bit. Vitamin claims noise was reduced by 40% under it’s heaviest operation. But it’s still a little loud. But with the capabilities of these machines, it doesn’t surprise me that the noise level is as loud as it is. They measure power in horsepower, a unit of measurement that comes to mind when thinking cars and trucks- not an appliance sitting on my counter!

Clean Up

Cleaning your Vitamix gently with a sponge will keep it looking great for years.

While Vitamix and some demonstrators say you can clean your Vitamix using the "water and small amount of soap" mixture- I don't advise using this method. I recommend investing in a dish sponge and use the dish soap to scrub out all of the contents of the container on your own. These blenders are very powerful and not cleansing your container free of all the minerals that attach themselves to the walls of the container could increase your chances of ou container becoming cloudy or discolored. Cleaning thoroughly after each use is the best practice get the most out of your container.


Low Profile containers offer more clearance with kitchen cabinets.

Storing the 7500, as well as any other Low-Profile container blenders, are a huge win over the previous versions of Vitamix blenders. Older machines are notoriously tall and difficult to fit under cabinets. Most people use their Vitamix multiple times a week to daily, so the machine usually lives out on a counter it’s entire life. The low-profile container lets this machine find a home much easier than ever before.


New MSRP Price


Blender Series



7 Years


2 Horsepower


13880 Watts


Preprogrammed settings, plus variable speed and pulse


The Vitamix 7500 is the most bang-for-your-buck when it comes to the new G-Series blenders and is fully capable of competing with the machines higher up in it’s line up.

I would confidently recommend the 7500 to anyone that is from an average to intermediate user based on its performance, new design and quieter operation. The simplicity of controls make the machine very approachable- if a frozen ingredient isn’t blending at lower speeds, you can simply crank up the speed until it is liquified. With a 7 year warranty on all parts, labor and free two way shipping, you can confidently use this machine everyday to prepare a range of different foods (or drinks

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