About Me

When I graduated from The University of Akron in Akron, OH, I decided to start exercising more and to make some changes in my diet. Through these changes, I was introduced to the world of high-powered blenders. I knew I’d like to purchase one to help me with my diet but had nowhere to learn about them or which one would work best for me, so I started doing research. After looking through multiple sources and asking owners their opinions, I made a decision and it’s been a great experience. Afterward, I decided to make a website in my free time to try out some techniques I’ve learned at work- coupled with my new knowledge and passion for blending everything in sight, Blend Guide was born!

When you forget about the Zucchinis in the garden!

About BlendGuide

Blend Guide is my way of helping people choose the right product for them, with no cost to the readers. I only promote products I believe in and Vitamix blenders have been one of those brands that I feel proud of representing with my name behind it. My family has been using Vitamix blenders for years so they’re relatively commonplace to me. Growing up I didn’t really know the differences between the models. I knew what worked for the family, but what worked for? I just thought a blender was a blender… until it came time for me to buy my own. I was overwhelmed by the choices between blenders and the price tags that went along with them. I found myself doing a lot of googling (maybe that's how you found my website?). But after I knew the differences between the models of blenders, I realized which blender was right for me.

To keep banner ads off this site and to keep the lights on, I’m an affiliate with Vitamix and Amazon. All the things I write are my own thoughts and opinions. I want to give as much value to my readers as possible, so I decided to include Amazon pricing alongside Vitamix.com pricing because sometimes one is cheaper than the other. Using my links to Amazon or the Vitamix.com referral promo code on these sites is how I make money from these retailers. They do not give me any other incentives to say (or not say) specific things about these products. I present the specs, intended uses and offer conclusions to the readers in my own word.

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