Which Vitamix Is Best

Which Vitamix To Buy? A Simple Guide

Posted on 1/31/2020 by Keith Knittel

Which Vitamix Is Best For Me?

Finding the best Vitamix blender can be a confusing task when you're unfamiliar with the machines. In this post, we'll break down which Vitamix is best based on your needs.

After you find your Vitamix

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The Best Budget Vitamix

Best Budget Vitamix

New: Vitamix 5200: $449 
Certified Reconditioned: Vitamix Standard: $329 
Certified Reconditioned: Vitamix Standard (with 3 presets): $379 

If you're looking to blend up recipes without the bells and whistles, the Vitamix 5200 is the right one for you. For extra savings, you can order a Standard Certified Reconditioned machine direct (includes a warranty and 3 presets) for cheaper than the price of a new one without the presets. You can read our full review of the 5200 here. If you're looking for a new budget blender with presets, you should check out the Vitamix 6300. Here is a closer comparison of the 5200 and the 6300.

The Best On-The-Go Vitamix

Best On The Go Vitamix

New: Vitamix S30 $399
Certified Reconditioned: Vitamix S30 $249

The Vitamix S30 is technically cheaper than the 5200, but the S30 is made for a very specific purpose. Consumers that are on the go and would like to take a smoothie with them while they run out the door. The Vitamix 5200 is a much more versatile 'full-size' blender that produces more power than the S30 - but if you're looking for a machine that will quickly make smoothies so you can run out the door to catch the subway or bus, this machine is for you.

The Best Mid-Grade Vitamix

Best Mid Grade Vitamix

New: Vitamix 7500 $529
Certified Reconditioned: Vitamix Next-Gen Machine $449

The Vitamix 7500 is the non-preset Next-Generation G-Series model that features a quieter housing than the Standard C-Series machines. 2.2 Horsepower and a low-profile container is a pretty sleek machine. If you're looking for an upgrade of this machine, I recommend looking at the Vitamix Professional Series 750 ($659) with 5 presets - or the Certified Reconditioned Pro 750 ($579).

The Best Vitamix

Best Vitamix

New: Vitamix 780 $719
Certified Reconditioned: Certified Reconditioned 780 $520

The Vitamix 780 is the Next-Generation G-Series touchscreen machine with 5 automated presets, a touchpad pulse and variable speed touchpad. It houses a 2.2 horsepower motor and a 64 ounce low profile container.  No expense was spared with this machine!

Best Overall Vitamix (In My Opinion)

Best Overall Vitamix

New: Vitamix A2500 $520
Certified Reconditioned: N/A - Vitamix does not offer Certified Reconditioned Ascent models at the time of writing.

The Vitamix A2500 is my favorite Vitamix blender! It doesn't have a touch screen like the 'highest end' Vitamix machines, but thats something I like about it. I don't like touch screens on kitchen appliances personally, and this tactile, sturdy-feeling (although plastic) knob with the digital readout of time remaining on the blend makes this my blender I'd most likely recommend to someone that can afford it. A 10 year warranty is the best Vitamix offers as well, so you have piece of mind when it comes to longevity as well. View out overview of the Vitamix Ascent blenders here.

After you find your Vitamix

Read our article on Where to buy a Vitamix. If you buy on Vitamix.com, use our link for Free Shipping in the US & CA!