Buying A Vitamix At Target

Buying A Vitamix – Target

Posted on 1/13/2017 by Keith Knittel

Buying a Vitamix Blender at Target

Major retail stores tend to only carry certain models of Vitamix blenders. At Target, occasionally they have other models, but these are the models that are most common. Let me know if you see any other models in stores and I'll update the article!

Common Vitamix Models Available at Target

  • Vitamix Professional Series 200
  • Vitamix Professional Series 500
  • Vitamix S50

Vitamix Price at Target

Target doesn't allow the use of any coupons with the purchase of a Vitamix blender, but if you’re looking to lower the cost - check out a Certified Reconditioned machine direct from Vitamix. Vitamix Certified Reconditioned machines come with the same quality warranty as new Vitamix machines do too!

Target Prices

  • Vitamix Professional Series 200: $479
  • Vitamix Professional Series 500: $559
  • Vitamix S50: $419 

Vitamix Direct Prices (Free Shipping)

Best price on a Vitamix (Model not available at Target)​

Click to receive Free Shipping from at checkout!


The Vitamix warranty is still the same as any other major authorized seller of Vitamix machines.

Payment Plans

Target currently doesn’t offer a payment plan without the use of a credit card that charges interest. Vitamix direct offers a 0% payment plan up to 18 months to pay off a machine purchased through them. Learn more about the Vitamix Payment Plan here.


Costco & Whole Foods are the only two 'big box' stores I’m aware of that provide regular demos of Vitamix machines. I've never heard of any Vitamix demos at Target stores (they do often have display models though!)