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Where Are Vitamix Machines Made?

Posted on 6/1/2017 by Keith Knittel

Are Vitamix blenders made in the USA?

This is a pretty popular question that we get from the chat function on our website. "I want to know if Vitamix is made in the USA?" or "Where are Vitamix blenders made?", so we've decided to write a post about it. I understand wanting to know where products are made - these blenders aren't cheap and I want to know I'm getting a quality product! In this post, we dig into that a little more and it's a pretty short answer.

Made in the USA – Cleveland Ohio

In 1921, The Natural Food Institute was founded in Olmstead Falls, OH (By Cleveland in North Eastern Ohio). The Natural Food Institute was renamed to Vitamix in the 30's and has stayed in Ohio ever since. Every Vitamix is built and tested at their plant in Ohio! Vitamix blenders ship from their warehouse in Cleveland Ohio. Vitamix also reports that over 70% of their parts are made in the USA, although I was not able to find the list of which components are made in the USA and where the other parts come from. I'll update this post when I find out more.

A deep history

Vitamix is a company with a deep history of promoting overall health and vitality with whole foods and products that out-perform their competition. Here is a neat video of the first Vitamix infomercial from the founder of the company demonstrating the benefits of Vitamix blenders in Olmstead Falls, Ohio.

William G. "Papa" Barnard, the Vitamix founder, created the first infomercial in the U.S. to demonstrate how the Vitamix blender can help families eat healthier with whole foods.

Making a Vitamix Blender at Vitamix!

Watch this video to see the Vitamix assembly process and the work it takes to build a machine - this video gave me a new appreciation for the quality and craftsmanship, along with some more background about the company. A good watch from BrandMadeTV!